Thursday, November 26, 2015

Image stabilisation with Premiere Pro CC and FCPX

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This is a quick video demonstration of the image stabilisation with Premiere Pro CC and FCPX. The point is, there are many tools for same job but as professionals we need to find out the tool that is right for us. Hope this video will shed some light in this regard.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Magic Lantern RAW video

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It is really amazing to see the difference of quality between the Canon video files and RAW files from Magic Lantern. The dynamic range is huge and there are lot of leeways to play around with the highlight and shadows. The freedom of colour correction is enormous. Shooting RAW with Magic Lantern is surprisingly simple, despite of the fact that the length of the video shoot in lower end Canon DSLRs are shorter compared to the high end dslrs. I've included a comprehensive RAW workflow at my upcoming Magic Lantern tutorial. The duration of that workflow based tutorial is around 40 minutes. Here is the video that I shoot during my visit to Dundle Door, Dorset.

Magic Lantern RAW Video.

Upcoming tutorial on Magic Lantern

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I'm really delighted to inform you all that my tutorial on Magic Lantern is in final stage and will be up on the site within a week. This three hours training is a comprehensive one covering all the audio and video features of Magic Lantern. The tutorial covers both standard version 2.3 and Nightly Build. Therefore you'll have all the current updates and information in this tutorial. From audio recording to exposure settings, overlay features and Movie recording, this tutorial covers all these sections and you’ll find a wealth of information that you can make use of to unleash your  creativity. Over the years, hundreds of videographers, and filmmakers have  made use of Magic Lantern  and produced amazing videos and films. In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate all the features that you need to shoot quality video; I’ll give you my recommendations and provide you some workflows for RAW, time-lapse and HDR video. I’ll also give you detail information on how to record quality audio ,  how to  install customer picture style and how to install customer crop-marks.  Overall it is comprehensive tutorial on Magic Lantern up until now.