My name is Nayeem Mahmud. I am an independent filmmaker and a vfx artist. Currently I am pursuing an MA on Film & Screen Studies at Goldsmiths, University of London. My recent project is Good Night Gloria, an independent feature film that can be found at Amazon.

I started my career as a broadcasting journalist. I was a news reporter in couple of ethnic TV channels in London. As a reporter, I had the opportunity to work extensively on news and events mostly related to minority communities. Those news and stories helped me to know the communities better and inspired me to tell their stories beyond the news reports. Since then I picket up my camera for filmmaking. But filmmaking is more than telling a story; it is also a kind of magic making which is done by visual effects. I believe, the possibilities of visual effects are endless as currently there is hardly any movie released in Hollywood without having any kind of visual effects. The prime software I use in vfx projects are Photoshop, Maya and Nuke.

I like sharing knowledge, therefore I decided to teach at Udemy. I share my thoughts and information in my tweets and Facebook posts. I believe in the future of independent film. I think the new filmmaking technologies and emerging distribution models will challenge the “mainstream” distribution system eventually and will liberate independent filmmaking.